Wednesday, July 16, 2008


.....You don’t want to hear when approaching a Birthday:

“Do you need help with that Ma’am?” says the kindly cart boy as you are pushing your grocery cart out to the parking lot.

I’m not that old. I’m not a Ma’am. Although I do understand, and greatly appreciate, his manners. Just don’t call me Ma’am and offer to load my groceries like I’m some 80yr old woman.

Things you don’t want to happen on a hot day of shopping:

I’d just stopped at Costco to buy some chicken and get a slice of their yummy pizza and a pop. Did you know you can pay for the food court food in the regular line? Yep, just let them know and your need for Cash Only goes out the window. Then you just show your receipt to the food court person. Anyway, I slammed my slice and refilled my drink in order to continue my shopping spree at the local grocery store from above.

Thing 1) The pop cans in the trash bag that you didn’t tie shut have let loose all over the back end of the car and now with pop in hand you must re-bag a good 40 cans. Not cool.

Thing 2) After loading empty cans into the shopping cart and placing your just refilled pop in the cup holder on said cart you almost make it to the entrance of the grocery store when you hit a bump and your cool refreshing drink bounces out of the cup holder and onto the sidewalk below. Swearing ensues.

Thing 3) Standing in line you await your turn to unload your groceries when the entire family behind you starts pushing up on you, greatly reducing the space you have to unload your groceries onto the belt and hence you keep bumping into various family members as they crowd forward awaiting their turn to unload.
I hate when people do this. Surely you can see that the lady in front of me hasn’t left yet and there for there is NO WHERE for me TO GO. I’m not going to run her over just so you can put your TP on the belt. Back the hell up!

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