Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Place An Order

My Birthday is coming up, SOON. Yay me! F is always complaining that he never knows what to get me for present giving events. So when I got a clothing magazine about 2 months ago, I folded down the page and showed F.
"This is what I want for my birthday. Not the yellow one please."

It sat on the nightstand for weeks. Once he even asked me what happened to it. It was under one of his hobby related magazines.
He finally decides to order it.

He calls me at work:
"What size?"

Then he calls me again:
"What color?"

When I got home:

"Sooo, I ordered your gift today."
"Um, I don't want to know that."

"What an ORDEAL THAT was!"
"You're not suppose to tell me this."

"First when I called, the lady called me MRS F! But I let that slide."
"Then she kept trying to sell me things on different pages! I kept telling her "Ma'am, no, please I just want to order this one thing!""
"*eye roll* Really, I don't want to know this."
"She wouldn't stop!"
"Why didn't you just order it online?"
"*blank look* I don't trust my computer. It has viruses."
"OOOOOOOk. Your work computer?"
"So $25.75 later I finish the order but then she tries to sell me something else!!! I'm never doing THAT again."
"*sigh* *head shake.* Thanks honey."
"No problem. *grin*"


Jessica Alfieri said...

Less and less magical to hear how your gift is acquired, but it's almost essential to tell them /something/.

One year before I made that a habit, I received a spoon rest from my husband. Woo! A place to put dirty spoons. (With years between me and that day, now it's just a funny.)

Anonymous said...

What is it? I want to seeee.