Monday, July 07, 2008

Just Call Me an Ostrich

We booked our Photographer!!! I really, REALLY wish I could share the website with you all, but that would kinda de-cloak the whole cloak and dagger aspect of this Blog, and we can’t have that. This photographer came to me through a referral from a co-worker, I’m so glad I made the call; we got in just under the wire. *PHEW* This Photographer ROCKS. So good in fact, that people hire this person to go overseas to photograph their wedding. Um, yeah, and it’s not wiping out our wedding budget either. AWESOME.
I had made an appointment with another photographer whose website claimed to have a satellite office in our town, mere blocks away. They called me back and said they’d prefer to meet with me in their main office, 40mins away. Which, I realize really isn’t any kind of distance, but I don’t know the area, plus there is construction, and most likely, F, my human sized Map Quest, wasn’t going to be accompanying me.(would it be wrong of me to register for a GPS??) I gave in and agreed. Then I started thinking about it and it kind of ticked me off. If the satellite office wasn’t somewhere you wanted to do business anymore, then take it off your website as a damned option. How hard is it? So I called back again, and told them, that unless they moved the appointment to the satellite office near my house, I was cancelling the appointment. Once again I allowed myself to be talked into coming to the main office on a Saturday so that F could be with me to guide me in the proper direction.
“Oh honey, do you not like to travel on the express way??” asked the receptionist in her overtly sweet, soft and breathy voice. “I can send you directions.” She kept calling me honey, which really annoys the hell out of me.
Before we made it there, we met with our current photographer, and booked on the spot.
So I really needed to cancel the other place, and not wanting to talk to Ms Disgustingly Sweet, I e-mailed them.
She called me.
Praise the Gods that I didn’t hear my phone ring. I wish I was techie enough to be able to play the message for you, maybe one day I’ll really figure this out. Anyway, she wants me to give call and them feedback.

Even though we’ve never met.

What is there to give feed back on? “Don’t call your clients honey?”
“Don’t ask your client if she has a driving phobia?”
“Don’t advertise something you’re really not willing to offer?”
Ok, so that last one might actually be good feed back, but I honestly don’t want to deal with her again. So I’m going to be all mature and adult about it and Just. Not. Call.
I wonder how long it’ll take them to get the hint?

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Megan said...

i say just send an email with feedback and vent your frustration at having something on their website that they don't offer anymore (and you could always add in anything else you think they could use). i think the saying you have a phobia would be something good to point out. who wants to hire/ do business with someone who talks down to you?