Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Product Placement

For the last few weeks I’ve been using this hair care product.
It is NOT hair spray as I had thought. It’s a version of Leave-in-conditioner. This certainly explains why my hair style just wasn’t holding. So now, I have to go out and purchase this.

I LOVE me some Aussie hair products. They smell good, and for those of us who have SUPER FINE hair, they don’t weigh it down. Plus + Plus. However, (you knew that was coming right?) I’m highly irritated that they’ve changed their product line. I don’t mind a bottle or logo re-designs, but when you start taking items away, we have a problem. They knew they did wrong, because on their website they had a section of: “If You used to use this …Now You’ll use This!” And they have “Collections” now. Ugh. I just want my hair spray back!!! Is that so much to ask? Should I REALLY have to go on your website before I go shopping in order to buy the proper product? I don’t have time for all that!

This little PSA on their site is a hoot though. Is that Sally Struthers doing the voice over? What? Aren’t there hungry children in the world anymore?

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