Friday, October 17, 2008

Uh, Really?

We are down to 7 days before the wedding.
We have 4 days before out of town guests descend upon our house.

F? F wants to go with my brother to a hobby show.


All Day.

We are going to see the Caterer Lady tomorrow for the last payment and final count and finalization of all those things.

F: “Ok, so what time are we going to the Caterer Lady because I want to go with your brother.”

Me: “I don’t know.”

F: “Can we go early? Actually, do I have to go with you and your mom AT ALL?”

Me: “*heavy pause* Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea how much has to be done still?”

F: “We can get it all done, we have plenty of time.”

M: “What!?!?! You have to finish putting the bathroom back together, the house has to be cleaned, the lawn has to be mowed, we have to go grocery shopping for food to feed the 20 million people who are coming in and you still have put all the mail away from last time we cleaned the house and you’ve got ANOTHER pile collecting on the couch.”

F: “The lawn has to be mowed again?”

Me: “HAVE YOU SEEN IT??????”

F: “It’s not 20 million people.”

Me: “ I…...what....…It IS 20 million people to those who will be in charge of feeding them, namely ME.”

F: “*sigh*”

Me: “You just need to prioritize is all I’m sayin.”

F: “Fine, then I’m going to go do my hobby on Sunday!”

Me: “Fine. Than you can have both the rings back because I’m done.”

F: “Good, I’ll collect them tonight, along with everything else I gave you.”

Me: “Everything else you gave me was a present, I get to keep those.”

F: “I didn’t give you anything.”

Me: “Right. Except smelly socks and piles of stinky underwear.”

F: “Look who’s talking.”

Me: “Whatever.”

F: “Bye.”

Me: “Bye.”

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