Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Open Letter To Mail-Order Company

In order to save a ton of money I get certain medicines through a mail order company. The main med I get from them is my birth control. *gasp* Yes, I’m on birth control. *gasp*gasp* I’m having pre-marital sex. Move along people, we are ENGAGED and getting married, I believe in preventive medicine. I also believe that if an insurance company can cover the costs of Viagra they can cover the costs of the Pill. Because really, in the long run, covering the Pill would be more cost effective for them because I won’t be putting untold amounts of children on my health insurance. But anyway, stepping off my soap box. Back to the letter.

Dear Mail Order Medical Company,

I realize from the letter you sent me, the Federal Government gives you the right to change my brand name prescription to a “generic” brand. This all transpires without my consent OR the consultation of my prescribing physician. In the midst of a very stressful moment of my life you up and decide that NOW would be a good time to mess with my hormones.
You were mistaken.
Since being forced to switch my medication my face has been broken out for a month now.
My back is breaking out in a manner I have never seen before.
My moods are screwier than usual and my mother believes that this switch is the cause of my upset stomach and nausea which can be tied to nothing else save for maybe my increased stress level.
F is freaked that this change will result in pregnancy before we are wed. Increasing his stress level (but oddly enough not decreasing his libido). “Do they not understand that peoples’ WAY OF LIFE is at risk here?!?!?!!?!?”
You anger me with your whimsical med swapping. We all know that generic is not the same as name brand. They are not equal! You claim they do the job as well, but I have evidence, which I will not share her for the sanity of my digital friends, that my generic medicine is NOT on the same level as what I had before. I have given my body a month to adjust and I’m quite convinced that this generic brand must go! My problem is that I don’t have TIME at the moment to go to my doctor and demand that they write you a letter saying you have to switch me back. I don’t understand this. We have to ask for permission, but you do not? WHO ARE YOU?????

If you didn’t save me so much money I would hate you fiercely.

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Molly said...

Mine was changed to generic once and I hated it. They say that you should notice no difference, but I did. I had to request that the pharmacy give me the brand name. It was worth the extra money!