Friday, October 03, 2008

The 4 Things

Something Old
Something New
Something Borrowed
Something Blue

I was missing 3 of 4. So I went to the source, mom.

Me: “Mom, I need to acquire several things, can you help?”

Mom: “I’ll do my best, what are they?”

Me: “I’m missing the something old, the borrowed and the blue.”

Mom: “What’s your new?”

Me: “I figured my jewelry would fit that one. Or my dress.”

Mom: “Hmmm, let me see. I might still have the hankie I carried at my wedding.”

Me: “OH MOM! That would be amazing!!!”

Mom: “Let me go look for it.”

Several days go by, and I stop to visit mom.

Me: “So, did you find the hankie?”

Mom: “What hankie?”

Me: “My something old?”

Mom: “OH! That was supposed to be on my To-Do list for today! Let’s go look now.”

My mom has a cedar chest in the basement that contains her wedding dress, my father’s bow tie from their wedding, several baptismal items, and many non-descript hankies.

Mom: “Let’s see. Here’s your father’s clip on bow tie from the wedding.”

Me: “How did he end up with that?”

Mom: “They gave him the wrong shirt size when I went to pick up his tux, I didn’t know to check it. So I guess we got to keep the tie.”

Me: “*raised eye brow* Uh, why were YOU picking up HIS tux????”

Mom: “Because he was on his way back from KY.” (my parents got married during my dad’s extremely short leave before he got shipped overseas for the Korean war. He was coming from Boot camp to get married, against his commanding officers orders. To this day, my mother believes this is why he got stationed overseas.)

Me: “Oh, right.”

Mom: “Here we go! This is the hankie I carried on MY wedding day!”

Me: “This is so cool mom! THANKS!!”

Back upstairs…..

Me: “So, did you use this at all that day mom to wipe your eyes?”

Mom: “I didn’t cry at ALL! I was dry as a bone. I was too stressed to cry!”

Me: “oh, wow.”

Mom: “Yep, so, what else are you missing?”

Me: “My something blue.”

Mom: “what about borrowed?”

Me: “Well this will count! And as old too!”

Mom: “Oh right! HEY! You can wear the blue earrings your father gave me!”

Me: “MOM! Really?????” (these earrings are like the holy grail in my family.)

Mom: “YES! Let’s go find them!”

Let me tell you, we had quite the mother – daughter moment shortly there after. She was so happy to hand these items over to me, in a sandwich baggie, so as not to loose them. Clear heels, blue inserts and all, I couldn’t ask for a better mom.

Later, I was so excited to show F my coveted items.

Me: “F! Look! My mom’s hankie from her wedding! And look! The blue earrings my dad gave her!”

F: “What’s that for?????”

Me: *sigh* “My something old and blue AND borrowed!!”
F: “Oh, how’s that saying go again?”

Me: *huge smile* “Something Old, Something New, Some Borrowed and Something Blue.”


Becky said...

Wow! That's awesome that your mom has that stuff to lend to you!

Anonymous said...


April said...

I actually got a little teary reading this. And since I love talkng about myself I thought I would share this with you. On my wedding day almost 15 years ago....

My something Old - a Spanish coin, dated from the 1800's in my shoe for luck. My mother in law used it at her wedding too.

My something new - White lace Calvin Klein panties.

Something borrowed - My grandma's pearl and diamond earings. Gorgeous.

Something Blue - A sapphire pinky ring on my right hand. I know the bride is not supposed to wear any other jewelry but whatever. It's my birthstone, it was tiny and I loved it. So there.

You are going to be beautiful. I can just feel it. :)