Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Single Digit Fidget

We are now into the single digit count down.

My brain is Swiss cheese with extra holes.

We FINALLY finalized the program and I sent it to F who e-mails me back and says "Print it!" but then he e-mails me again and says, "It says SATURDAY instead of FRIDAY!!! " his co-worker caught it. The designer didn't. I didn't. He didn't.

So I sent it to CBF who is a master at making things sound good so she could proof it (she rewrote a lot of it to begin with because, well, see above cheese reference) and she e-mails me back, "You have A listed with the last name "D" but isn't she really "H"?"

Um ,yeah, "D" is her maiden name, "H" is her married name. You know, easy mistake, after all I was only in her wedding, TEN YEARS ago.

I am losing it people. L.O.S.I.N.G it.

Then she e-mails me this: "I mean, seriously, DH-- you are putting on the white dress and walking down the frakking aisle. This is real-- defcon zero. Do you need me to take you to a Chippendales show on Wednesday night, or are you content to get your other men fix via internet porn after the wedding?" (this is why we are friends)

I hardly get any work done at work, because I'm too busy checking this and that for the wedding.

Saturday we go and finalize with the Caterer Lady.


I'm getting married, in NINE DAYS.

Then she sends me this so I can cry YET again at work:


April said...

OMG, if you do not love Canon, you are a freak of nature. That was beautiful.

Hang in there girl, everything will be fine. You can't control it, so just do your best to enjoy the day. My biggest regret about my wedding is that I didn't enjoy it more. I was so busy sweating the small stuff I didn't think to have fun. Wish I could do it all over again. :)

DevilsHeaven said...

April my digital friend, Doing it all over again is what WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES are for!!!
Start plannin! :-)