Friday, October 10, 2008


I actually had someone ask me, “Well if you’re not going on your Honeymoon right away, why are you taking so much time off?”

I’m sorry, what? 5.5 days is SO MUCH time? I’m taking 2.5 days before my wedding and 3 days after. And this came from someone who is married and knows full well what it is to plan a wedding. Plus I have like 20 million out of town guests coming in that F wants to feed and entertain the entire time, so yeah, I’m taking a TON of time off!
Whatever, seriously? 5.5 days? Ok, 6 if you count my wedding day. You are right, over a week off! YE GODS! What am I thinking? That is excessive! Silly me, my wedding isn’t until 4 pm, so I should really only take half a day off that day too. I am such a baby taking off all this time.

Really people? BITE ME.
Not you, my digital friends. Just these weirdoes who think the 5.5 days I’m taking off is really 5.5 months.


Anonymous said...

So long as you have enough vacation time and make sure you don't screw your coworkers over by leaving extra work, you can and should take as much time as you like! Plus, if you didn't take those days, do they honestly think you would be focusing on work the days right before/after your wedding anyways?

mom2lo said...

OMG. They just need to get over it. Do they not realize you won't actually be vacationing; rather, you'll be tending to 20 million folks from across the ocean? Sheesh. Find something better to do with your time, people. Don't harp on the bride-to-be! Really.