Thursday, October 09, 2008


I just called the Church about the wedding. I am trying to put the program together, which let me tell you, is MUCH harder than I ever anticipated!!! Anyway, in our Church they do this special placing of some flowers and I need to know where in the line-up of events to put this one happening. I didn’t get the Nazi Secretary this time, thank goodness! But as I tried to explain to The Nice Church lady, she said, “Is this DH?”
Anyway, the woman had no idea what I was talking about to begin with, but we soused it out and she said I had to call my Coordinator and gave me her name again and told me I had to call her.
Me: “Can I please have her number again?”
Nice Church Lady: “Sure, let’s see; oh, well now it says here that we are to have her call you. So I’ll text her or e-mail her, but she’ll get back to you.”
Me: “Oh, ok, that’s fine.”

Now remember I called the Coordinator once to set up the rehearsal time and she got a little snippy with me about the fact that she’d be leaving work to do this and everyone had better be ON TIME. I’ve not bothered her since.
So maybe I’m just overtly sensitive about this, but the way the Nice Church Lady said “(….) oh, well now it says here that we are to have her call you.” Just seemed, well, like she was surprised that I wasn’t allowed to call her. That my Coordinator wants to have as little contact with me as possible. I could understand if I’d been calling and calling and calling, but I called ONCE to confirm the time. Just the way she said “oh”.
I don’t know, I guess I’m crazy.

*Composer’s note* My Coordinator called me back while I was writing this, I guess I’m just a loon.

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mom2lo said...

I have to admit: I've been lurking lately. I'm loving your pre-wedding drama (Sorry! It's true!) and look forward to hearing the latest and greatest as you prepare for your big day! I'll try to drop a comment or two more often! ;)