Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Registry Advice

Let me preface this Blog entry by saying, I (we) are not ungrateful. We love (maybe a tad picky, but not ungrateful) every single gift we have gotten thus far. I (we) realize that money is tight for a lot of people right now and I (we) know it is asking a lot of people to purchase us gifts for our wedding as well as take time off of work and spend money to travel here. I do not have inexpensive taste and I tried my damnedest to pick a wide range of items to cover every budget. With that in mind, I was struck by this idea while checking on our registry. (yes I gave into temptation AGAIN, it is very hard to resist. leave me alone.)
This advice goes to any store that offers any registry for any occasion.
As much as we, the registrar love picking any and everything our little hearts desire there are some things that we truly would love to get above all else. For example, I would love to have this large suitcase (which I just discovered we got!!!! again, leave me alone)

instead of the 50 towels the BB&B guy insisted I had to have. Or this electric indoor grill (again we got it!)

over the 40 napkins (20 of each color for a 2 tone display) and 20 place mats, which again, the BB&B guys insisted I had to have to flush out my "elegant" table cloth. So I suggest that you include a rating system. Use hearts, or wedding rings, or champagne glasses, whatever symbol you want, but it would be just like rating a hotel. Out of 5 champagne glasses the towels would have been 3 glasses as opposed to the electric grill which would have been 4 glasses, where as the suitcase would have been 5 glasses. The actual China place settings would also rate 5 glasses where as the china serving bowl that goes with the set, would be 3.5 glasses. Thus giving our guests a TRUE guide to what we really want/needed as opposed to what we were talked into by a pushy BB&B guy. (Which, HI BB&B guy, NO ONE has bought us any of the 50 towels you insisted I NEEDED. So there. )
And since the majority, if not all registries are kept online, the couple or person could log in, at their leisure, and rate their items. If they wanted to, it wouldn’t be required. I think it is a fabulous idea and I’m itching to do it.
Or is this a sucky idea and just makes us seem greedier?
Now I’m torn.
What do you think my digital friends??
*Composer's note* F and I had a discussion about why I(we) need 20 china sets and goblets etc, and I explained that even though the normal amount you ask for is 12 (he INSISTED it was 10, silly boy) that my immediate family(siblings and kids) already comes in at 12, and that doesn't include US. So if we have any company,(the oldest girls are now teens, so BFs are soon to follow) we'd be using paper plates. Make sense? Or makes greed?


Molly said...

The ONLY thing I really wanted was the super high threadcount sheets. As of right now, still no sheets. We did, however, get two panini grills.

mom2lo said...

OMG. This idea is absolute perfection! I mean, really, people register for a TON of stuff and you know there's always a few things that rank at the top of their must-have list! The same holds true for the baby registry I did before LO arrived. And from the gift-giver's perspective, I always try to "guess" what I think would be most important for the registrant to receive. I feel like I'd get "bonus points" for buying something they really-really-really want instead of some durn ladle or serving spoon.

GREAT idea!!!

Becky said...

Sense. Also, consider the fact that plates and bowls and things will occasionally break. And many times patterns are discontinued. So even if you don't NEED all 20 right now, you need more than 12, obviously, and the "extras" can be used as replacements at least to a point.

As for the registry stuff, I think that's a great idea! I wanted something similar when we got married, and I always wonder about other people's registries. It would be helpful for both sides!

Anonymous said...

Such a good idea. Also, 20 makes sense. Also, now I understand why our friends registry had like 80 towels on there.