Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Waste of Make-Up

Our home remodel is well underway. Not finished in a day, as I was lead to believe, but I am willing to live with it being done piece-meal. Sunday I got a bit of a reprieve from work in order to go look for Bride’s Maid dresses and to get what Eldest Sister refers to as my “Foundation Garment” so we can begin on The Dress. I slept in while F was out doing hobby type stuff. As he came home I left. I drove to the town where I knew I could find my “Foundation Garment” and also where a dress shop carries some of the BM dresses I’m considering.
The shops were CLOSED. All 3 shops, 1 lingerie shop and two bridal shops, CLOSED. On Supper Bowl Sunday, when most Supper Bowl widows would be out shopping.
I understand that it’s suppose to be a day of rest for those that follow the religious doctrine, however, in this day and age, many stores are open for they follow the doctrine of the Almighty Dollar. When I talked to Second Eldest about it she was all “Well DUH!” until I said to her, “But, most women work now-a-days! When else can you get your Party together if not on the weekend?!?!!?”
So I ask you, Dear Bridal Shop Keeper, what is your reasoning behind being closed on Sunday? Do you not know that many of the women today only have weekends in which to do serious shopping? This is a huge event, Bridal Shop Keeper, where you most likely will sell many dresses, in my case, 8. But you deny me! With your darkened windows and ghostly mannequins. You increase my stress level.
You cause me to fear my Eldest Sister who demands, “Did you buy your Foundation Garment YYYYYEEEET?!?!?!!? We need to get started on The Dress in case you don’t like it so you still have time to order one!!!!”

“I have not!” I am forced to cry in response. “The store wasn’t open!”

And again, Bridal Shop Keeper, my stress level goes up even more with the notion that if I do indeed hate The Dress I’ll discover it on a Sunday; when you’ll have your doors locked against my business and I will be left, dress less, crying in the streets of a strange town where the well heeled patrons of Starbucks pass by, careful not to spill their double cap soy lattes on the distressed Bride who gathers their cast off napkins to fashion together a dress that is held together with ABC gum!

I lay this tragedy at your gloomy, cold stoop Bridal Shop Keeper. May you take pity on the fragile shell of a woman who huddles in your dank doorway……….........when you re-open come Monday.

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