Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fill in the Circle COMPLETELY

So, I made it through the PMI. My future with F is hanging on the results of a SCANTRON. Yes, fill in the circle, really it was a minuscule rectangle, completely, do not X, do not Circle, fill in completely, flashback to college inducing 140 question SCANTRON. I’m not sure Father got my joke when I asked, “Is this a timed test?” F tattled on me and told the Father that I’ve been worrying about this “test.” Thanks F. So I got a light lecture on how I shouldn’t worry all the red flags will be discussed, AT LENGTH when the results come back.


Father sharpened our pencils, took F into a different room and left us, alone. Completely on our honor to stay in our assigned rooms and not cheat. We did not. Cheat that is.
The first question? “My future husband and I have many interests in common.” Oh, um, gosh, not so much. That would be “Disagree”. Not looking so good so far.
It went on like that. “My future husband and I agree about finances”. “My future husband and I have many friends in common.” “My future husband and I have the same religious beliefs.” YIKES! No we don’t. F is waaaaay more devote than I am. He still says his prayers every night before bed.

“I feel that my future in-laws may interfere with our lives.” Agree
“I feel that my future husband’s parents don’t approve of me.” Agree
“I feel uncomfortable around certain family members of my future husband.” Agree

Those questions are Four Alarm Fire Red Flag territory.

“I feel comfortable with my body.” Seriously? I’m a female, how is that even a fair question?
“I feel I have sufficient knowledge of sexual things.” Or something like that, basically, they were asking if I know enough about what sex is about. In fact, I think that was one of the questions. Agree. I am a whore.
Some of the questions made me giggle.
Some of the questions made me think.
Some of the questions made me worry.
Some of the questions made me wonder if F knew what they were asking. English is not his first language after all.
I was honest. And I felt so much better after it was done. I wondered of course how F was answering the questions about my family. We talked about it later, as Father said we would, and we answered differently on the first question. F looked at it differently than I did, and then of course I wanted to change my answer. He told me there were some he skipped over and came back to later. He said some of his answers would not make me happy. I told him the same would be true for him. He seems to think that if Father tells us we shouldn’t get married; we can wait 6 months and work on things. Or if we decide not to get married at all, I can live with him until I sell my house. HUH??? If we aren’t getting married, why would I sell my house? Maybe he said until he sells HIS house. He also said we could just continue to live together. Um, no. I want my babies to be legit. When the time comes, that is.
So, another 3 weeks of waiting. I’m going to try and not think about it this time around.

Yeah, that’ll happen.

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Stacey said...

i cannot believe that they make you wait 3weeks. that is like an eternity. i would need to be medicated for those three weeks. heavily medicated.