Friday, February 15, 2008

And So It Continues

BM dresses have been decided.

Now I've turned my attention to the BM's shoes. At first I considered open toe until my CBF reminded me that we'll all be wearing nylons and hence the seam would show which is, as we all know, a fashion faux pas. I've been stuck on the idea that I want them all to have the same shoes. But, since the dresses are floor length, pictures showing mis-matched shoes is not really an issue. So now I'm considering just letting them pick out a black shoe of their choosing. But here are where some issues arise. My friend on the East Coast wore bedazzled tennis shoes under her wedding dress. I don't want her wearing bedazzled tennis shoes under her BM dress. If she had some kind of foot/knee issue where wearing heels would place her in pain, then I would give her a pass. But she has no ailment that I am aware of. Ballerina slippers? To me that is just kind of a coop out. Unless you are like 6yrs old. (which my flower girl is, and even she wears her patten leathers with heels.) Plus, it's not like I'm asking them to wear 6" hooker heels. And CBF? I can see her arriving a few days before the wedding in need of said shoes and me having to try and find time to take her shopping knowing full well she'll go for the Payless shoes and then complain that they hurt her feet.

Am I over thinking this?

As my friend from Europe told me : "I've spent more time thinking about your wedding than I did my own!"

Can I put conditions on their shoes? ie Must have heel?

Would I be a total bitch for doing that?

Will black shoes even look good with Bordeaux dresses?

In my hunt for the prefect BM shoe, and with the new realization that I can't really do peep toe/open toe with hose, I've rethought my shoe choices and have come up with some new ones.

1) I don't LOVE this one, I wanted a little "Bling" on my shoes. But it'd do.

2)Bling! But I'm afraid my Polish feet would mush out through the hole in the top there.

3)Pretty! Simple Bling. Little higher heel, but still managable.

4) Mucho Bling! Lower heel, but again, Polish foot mush possibility.

And will someone PLEASE tell me how it is that a Satin Dyeable shoe is $445????? Does Vera come and SEW it around your foot or something?

It doesn't even have any expensive BLING on it! And it only comes in a 6.5!!!!

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