Monday, February 18, 2008

An Apple a Day......

I haven’t been feeling well for the last few days. I spent almost the entire day in bed yesterday. Then of course I couldn’t sleep last night. The coughing started around 5 pm last night. This morning, it got worse. And my lungs hurt with each semi-racking cough. So I called the doctor as I was driving to work to get an appointment. Normally, they are happy to make you an appointment and collect your insurance money. Apparently, things have changed. The receptionist put me through to a nurse, so I could explain my symptoms and see if anything could be done without seeing the doctor. (Huh? Free medical advice?) The nurse that answered? A male nurse. This completely threw me at first. I never said I’m impervious to society’s assigned stereo types. Anyway, Shane (my male nurse) asked me a few question:
“Why do you want to see the doctor?”
so i can chop you all into a million pieces “I think I have bronchitis.” I croak out like a frog.
“What are your symptoms?”
besides the fact that i sound, as my co-worker put it ‘manly’? “Coughing, and there’s mucus involved. I’ve had bronchitis before. ”
“Soar throat?”
“Ear pain?”
my ears are burning right now because you won’t just make me an appointment already! “Oh yes.”
“Emhm. Fever?”
sweet heaven, just take my money! “Um, not that I’m aware of.”
“Ok, can you come in today?”
no, i’m calling for next month when my untreated bronchitis turns into pneumonia. “Yes, what time?”
“2 o’clock with Doctor Blah Blah.”
“Great, thanks.”

Are they screening out the hypochondriacs? I mean, seriously. I told you at the beginning that I’ve had this before. I know what it feels like. Come on Shane! Some patients aren’t weirdoes! And I TOLD you I had insurance. Along with my DOB and Name. So the bill will get paid.

So when I go in at 2, wait for 40mins to see the Dr., and he starts asking me the same damned questions, can I tell him to just ask Shane?

P.S. F just called. Said I sound real attractive and wanted to know if I want to cancel tonight. Tonight we go see the Priest again and this time we are taking the PMI. I said no because I want to stop worrying about taking it and start worrying about if we are going to pass it or not.
“DH, are you seriously worried about this?”
“It’s not pass or fail you know.”
(Um, yeah it kinda is when you have the Priest tell you that out of the 10 people he told that they “failed” 9 didn’t get married and the 10th one showed up in his office after 8 months wanting a divorce. Plus an older friend, she’s in her 40’s, told me her Priest told her the same thing and they got married anyway, and then divorced.)
“I seriously haven’t given it another thought. It must be a woman thing.” (his explanation for many things I worry about and he never even considers.)
“Yeah, it’s a woman thing.”

Update: That fever Shane asked me if I had? Yeah, jerk jinxed me cause now I have it. Thanks for nothing Shane!


Anonymous said...

ugh i hate my doctors office. they don't screen my calls but they do make me wait a min. of 90 minutes, even just for a 10 minute follow-up.

in other news, ive spent the entire weekend with some type of monkey disease....or a cold. it's hard to say. i feel your pain. feel better

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, you are so funny. I hope you feel better soon!

if it's ok I am gonna link your blog from mine!

DevilsHeaven said...

I'm honored Yeager!