Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm Finding Out That F doesn't Like...

  1. Eggs, over easy. And God bless him for it, because I hate them too and therefore have no idea how to cook them.

  2. Potatoes. "In large amounts. I've never eaten this many potatoes." I'm Irish, so potatoes? 'Nough said.

  3. Instant Potatoes. "I like REAL mashed potatoes." Yes, I love me some potatoes, but I'm a lazy Irish Potato lover. Peel? Boil? Mash? And you want me to do all this so we can eat within the next 30mins? Dream on.

  4. When I'm "negative". He thinks I should be more supportive when something he does goes wrong. He sees it as negativity, I see it as honesty.

Ok, so I know there are more, they are just evading me at the moment.

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