Thursday, February 28, 2008

Green Eyes Aren't Smiling

Today F is going to met up with his tax accountant, which is now, OUR tax accountant. Remember her? The one he dated, which he says he actually only e-mailed before dating me? The one that is now our tax accountant? The one that he was going to go visit after she had surgery? At her house? Yeah, that one. Well, it's tax time! And so this morning I handed over my tax info. None too pleased. There's just something about A Potential having my most intimate information. Plus? He's taking her to lunch. Yeah. She gets a free meal on us. Ok, him, but still.
I said, "Can't you just met for coffee? Do you really have to have lunch? With your ex?"
"She's not my Ex. We never dated. We barely e-mailed."
"Emm, right."
"Stop being weird about this."
Raised eyebrow, "Right. Weird. Your Ex."
Loud *sigh* from F.
So my Irish Eyes? Are not smiling.
They are flashing a tad bit of the green eyed monster.
Not the best color green to be sporting.
A Potential.
Most INTIMATE Information.(outside of medical records.)
Maybe I should wear sunglasses for the rest of the day.

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