Monday, January 28, 2008

A Few Things

  1. We got an estimate for having the family room re-done, $1,600-$1,700 because F is "a friend." So now we have to finish ripping out the paneling and nasty gross insulation so The Guy and his crew can come do it this weekend!!!!!! Of course ALL of this is on the D.L. because with wiring and what-not the city inspectors would need to come take a look. And The Guy told us it would be another $500- $600 in PERMITS. So yeah, I'm hoping the neighbors are cool enough that they won't go calling the city on us. We are refraining from putting the trash out in the back yard, instead, it's getting piled in said family room until The Guy and his crew come with a truck to haul it away. So yay! My first remodel!!!!

  2. I spoke with Eldest Sister this weekend about the BM dress situation. She confessed that she thought the dresses I picked looked cheaply made. And that, yes indeed $195 was way too much for them. Especially for my 2 young nieces who are going to be Jr. BM's. I told her I'd be heading to JC Penney's to take a gander. JC Penney's is where my friend from Overseas got our BM dresses. So maybe I'll get lucky. If not, the dress from David's Bridal is growing on me.

  3. W, F's brother wants to get FIL a BMW, and asked F to pitch in on the payments. F said no, because he's already paying for MIL's car payment. (total point of contention with me, let me tell you.) I asked F how W was going to pay for it, and he said W was going to refinance their house and would have a few extra hundred a month. I can't help but wonder if T knows this is going to happen. I have all kinds of issues with this, but I know it's not my say. If it was? NO WAY IN HELL.

  4. We bought the material for my dress! Contessa Satin in Cream!!!!!! Here is the pattern. Version A, so you can see the train.

Minus the dorky head piece. Let the wedding take place! !

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