Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Instant Gratification

I love the internet. Often my friends and I wonder what we ever did without the net. We'll be in the midst of a conversation about something and one of us will say, "well just Google it." My Christmas shopping is so much easier via the net. Wedding items are found via the net. Fiances are found via the net. Bills are paid ON TIME via the net. You can find ANYTHING, ANYONE via the net.
Knowing things are easier this way I've purchased F V-Day flowers. Plus, they were on sale. FTD promised delivery and I figured him getting them a day early would be a wonderful surprise. Especially since he works with mostly men. I purchased said flowers from FTD Monday afternoon. Tuesday morning I recieved an e-mail from DHL with a tracking number. OH THE JOY! I could track the progress and know EXACTLY when F got his flowers. I tracked them from FL to OH to a city within my state. At 7:53 this morning they were with the courier.
At 2pm I check their progress again and see this:

Shipment delivered.

Delivered on: 2/13/2008 1:26 pm
Delivered to: Receptionist
Signed for by: [redacted]

Oh HAPPINESS! F should be calling soon! He'll be all red faced(i'll hear it through the phone) and boyish about his early V-Day flowers. Hearts and flowers of happiness.

It's 3:22pm, F has not called.

I check again. Yes, they were delivered, and signed for, but then I check the address of delivery, it is the correct address but does not have F's name on it! Just the business'.
Does the signee not know to whom the package should go?
Wouldn't the signee open said package and then see the card?
Is F not in the office and therefore is unaware of said package?
If F comes straight home instead of going back to the office, will the flowers die because I was too cheap to cough up for the vase?
Is F in possession of the package and is just messing with my mind knowing I'd be going stir crazy wondering if he got the package????
Damn the net!
Damn it's tracking abilities!
Damn the lack of instant gratification!

Update: 5:18pm F just called, not a WORD mentioned by him about the flowers. I think he is messing with me.

Update: 02/14 9:58am Last night at 8:45pm F confessed that he did indeed receive his flowers and had kept silent because he knew it would drive me batty. He said he was going to hold out until THIS evening.

Gotta love a man who knows you so well.

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love him, beat him over the head...same thing