Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dress Crisis: Part Duex

My Very Helpful Co-worker and I went to Jc Penney's to see what Bride's Maids dresses they offer. None. They no longer do that, the very nice Catalog Lady told us. They stopped doing that about 10 yrs ago, she continued. 10 yrs, that's about when my friend got married, so the dresses we ordered from Penney's were some of the last.

So we headed over to David's Bridal, to see this dress:

Which is Flat Taffeta. I thought nothing of it, until I saw it. Flat Taffeta? means it is iridescent fabric. Which means it has a black tone to it. So that pretty color in the picture? Not really what it looks like.

Strike 3.

I'm back on the web, searching. And have found a few other ideas.

1. I'm concerned about how high that sash comes up under the boobs, which could cut them in the wrong spot.
2. Painfully plain, but the empire waist hides many-a-issues.
3. Again, the "cumber band self-tie sash" might ruin it for those that have any sort of chest, or waist for that matter.
These last two are above the knee cocktail dresses, or as the website says: This collection offers a length above the knee for a more, flirty, fun party dress! I'm not sure how I feel about a flirty bride's maid dress.
I've spent more time looking for a BM dress than I did my own!!! Hopefully I can break away from the home improvement on Saturday to go shopping. And finally make a decision!!!!

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each of the two said...

jcrew has brides maids dresses, dont know how much everyone wants to spend (i wouldnt mind spending up to 200 for a very good freind)

but they are nice a simple:

thats ones the cheapest at 165.

Also Anne Taylor is have a sale on brides maids dresses

(sorry so long)

at davids bridal,
i like this one:

now that one would hide all sins and be able to wear a real bra!

I know you dont know me or really have a care of what i think, but ultimatly its YOUR wedding. YOU get to choose and your wedding party can alway come as an attending instead of part of the wedding party if they dont like YOUR choices for YOUR wedding.

good luck to you!