Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where Was Her Bestfriend? Or Anyone, For That Matter?!

For those of you who read Miss Molly and saw these posts about bad wedding dresses, I think I can say I can top her, with this one picture. (not that i'm trying to compete with miss molly, because she is fabu.)
Need I say more?

No, but I will.
I think I can see nipple. And showing your nipple to God (assuming they are getting married in a church of some sort) is just wrong, even if He/She created them. There are better ways to give a shout-out to the man/woman upstairs than flashing him/her with the bits and pieces that were meant to be covered with a fig leaf. How is this even right? Where was the sane person in her entourage? A mother? An older aunt? Grandma??? Seamtress?? THE PASTOR???? ANYONE?!?!?!
And seriously, is it just me, or is her hair kinda crispy?
The Internet is out there people. Remember that with every outfit and hair style you assemble. You may end up on the web, and not in a good way.


mom2lo said...

I think I just threw up in my mouth. That is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen! I cannot believe none of her close friends or family members called her out on that dress.

Anonymous said...

I just fell out of my chair. Do you think her bridesmaids wore dresses like the girls I posted? hahaha.

April said...

Part of me wants to believe this is fake. The picture that is. The boobs are obviously real. But I just don't want to believe I live in a world where a woman got married looking like this and not one person saw the problem(s) here. So I choose to believe photoshop had a hand in this. And if it didn't you know the groom did later. Oh Yeah! Bow chicka wow wow...

But I almost didn't even notice because I was too distracted by your brand new site meter!! You go girl. ;) I love the color and it fits perfectly.