Friday, June 20, 2008

What is this World Coming To?

This article is insane. Arresting people for cheering when someone graduates from high school? Removing them maybe, but arresting? That's insane. Keeping the peace I totally agree with, especially if it's become an issue. But really, is arresting well wishers really a good use of law enforcements' time? I think not.

As is this one about Bloggers getting arrested. We seriously do have a great amount of freedom here in the US where we can criticize our government without fear of suddenly becoming a missing person in the state run prison system.
God Bless America.

Seriously? Who are these girls? Getting pregnant so they can "raise" their babies together? Where are their parents? I never in all my 4 years of high school thought it was cool to be pregnant. I always felt bad for those girls, because I knew they would end up alone and most likely would spend their lives with many baby-daddies and never know a stable home. Those poor babies. You don't have a baby to make yourself feel better.
Thank You Mom for raising me with some self respect, common sense and morals.


mom2lo said...

Oh, how embarrassed I am to say that I live in SC. Ugh. You'd think our fellow law enforcement folks would have some actual criminals to tend to.

About the pregnant high schoolers? Wow. I just can't imagine! I always knew I wanted to do things the "right" way ("right" meaning the way I was told it should be done when growing up): Get Married, THEN Have a Baby! I wouldn't have wanted to do it any other way--especially while still in HIGH SCHOOl! Crazy!

April said...

That article about bloggers getting arrested?? I have this site meter that tells me where traffic is coming from. Well over the past three days someone from the US Supreme Court in freaking DC has been reading my archives. I am practically crapping my pants wondering what I wrote that could be used against me. Hopefully it's just some bored intern or security guard blog surfing. But oh my God what if it's some sadistic legal bad ass who loves Denise Richards and wants revenge? Can I still blog in prison?

DevilsHeaven said...

April, what site meter is it that gets so detailed? I NEED TO KNOW! TEACH ME!!!!!!
I think you are fine, unless Uberman works for the gov't.......

April said...

It's free and very easy to add to your site. It will tell you how many people are checking your site each day, it gives their location, IP address, how long they visited, what pages they looked at, etc. It also tells you where they are coming from, if they did a google search or came from another blog. It's awesome. But scary at the same time! A lot more accurate than the Cluster Map. Plus you can block your own IP address so it doesn't count your own hits to your blog.