Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I was looking for some pants online and when I enlarged the picture to get a better look, I noticed that the model had on dark colored underpants under a pair of light colored Capri pants. Um, fashion faux pas anyone?
When I zoomed in on another one to see the details along the sides, I saw the shave bumps? Or spots? You know what happens to your leg when you’ve just shaved but don’t need to shave quite again? Those dark spots that are the start of new hair growth? Yeah, that’s what I saw instead.
Air brushing? Maybe? Just a suggestion.

And what is with the maternity but not really tops? Baby doll tops, isn’t that what they are called? Those of us who are of the curvier persuasion certainly don’t need people thinking, Is she fat? Or is she pregnant? And even though I’ve seen several that I wouldn’t mind wearing, I can’t get past the fact that I could keep it and wear it once I finally get pregnant. Plus I think they would not fit my chest area properly.

Did you know that there are 3 different lengths of “crop” pants? Yes, there is, and they all have different names but are essentially the same thing.
Crop pants are 25” long.
Carpi (*otherwise known as CAPRI)pants are 21” long.
Pedal pants are 17” long.
I did not know this until last summer when I was attempting to find something cute to wear in the summer heat that wasn’t the over exposing shorts.(my thighs have turned on me, bitches.)
Those few inches in difference? Make a huge difference, let me tell ya. Too long and you look like you are all ankle. Or they cut you funny and make you look stubby. I tried on all 3 lengths and twirled in the mirror. Yep, I’m definitely a Pedal length gal.
Too bad this year all the Pedal length ones are cheesy bright pastels which go with NOTHING I already own. I might get one pair, if I’m lucky.

Being a girl is so not easy.

*Composer's note: I suck at spelling, damn spell check! Thanks Mom2Lo for correcting me in a nice way.

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mom2lo said...

Carpi pants? Those are my favorite! LOL!

Seriously, I do the capri pants best 'cause I'm about 5'9" and the pedal ones look dorky, the ankle ones look like I'm waiting for a flood and I can't have that!