Monday, June 09, 2008

Shout Out!

I'd like to Thank April's Reign for one, linking to me, (I need all the warm fuzzy feelings I can get these days!) And for two, inspiring me to get the map of where everyone (i think there are what, 4 of you now?) who reads (reads? read? neither of them sounds right.) me are located.
Unlike the pop-up zit ads, I wanna see MANY RED DOTS!!!

Yeah Baby, YEAH!!!!!

Now if I can only find someone who can teach me how to highlight and copy out of Blogger so I can do the whole spell/grammar check thing in Word, that'd be wondrous.

*OMG I figured it out myself! Totally have to use the ole fashioned KEY STROKES! I am a product of the Mouse generation, I swear it to be true!


Anonymous said...

I´m the dot from Paraguay....
I enjoy your blog!

April said...

Dude! A shout out! How sweet! And I loved the engagement story. So sweet! Here's to happy times and LOTS of DOTS! Love checking my dots every day!!