Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We Have A Winner!

The Great Shoe Saga Has ENDED!!!!

YES! I have a pair of shoes for my wedding! Praise the shoe gods for finally shining down upon me!

I ordered these:

In a last ditch effort to wear open toed shoes at my wedding to cut down on the heat factor. They are simple and nice looking. I ordered them in 9.5 and 10 to kill the wait time in case the 9.5 didn't work. The 9.5 size fit ok, but the 10 gave me a little more toe room. I walked around the living room and my ankle started to twinge. I moved on into the kitchen and I started to wobble on the non-carpeted surface. Both sizes had the same effect, wobble and twinge. Within 15mins I had canceled out Sophia from Coloriffics. I guess I was reaching too far to think I could handle 3.5 inch heel. Every step I took I had to think, STEP, STEP, STEP and that is just not something I'm going to have time to think about while trying to make it down the stairs in front of everyone on my wedding day. Yes, I have to walk down stairs in front of EVERYONE at the church. There may be practice runs in the near future, I'm just sayin.

So which shoes you ask made the cut? The ones I kept going back to, EVERY SINGLE TIME, based on look alone? That would be these:

Donna by Coloriffics. Donna and I became fast friends when I ordered Donna in a size 10. Donna makes me sigh and smile every time I see her. Donna is very supportive and I know I can count on her on my BIG DAY. She'll be there, making me look and feel good. Donna will be coming to work with me so we can get better acquainted in the coming months. Donna may need some adjustments, but all great friends are up to that task, right? I don't think Donna will make me too hot, as my neighbor said when she saw Donna, "Just powder your feet that day, no worries. Donna is very nice looking, I'm sure she'll make you happy." I can't wait to see how Donna and My Dress get along. This could be a tense moment for all of us. But Donna seems to have enough class to be kind to My Dress even though it's not designer. After all, it IS custom made.

So everyone, please welcome my new friend Donna to our happy little circle, she's a fabulous gal!

*Composer's note: In case you any of you got lost in the post somewhere, Donna is a pair of shoes, not my new lover. Because that would just be awkward.


Anonymous said...

I adore Donna, she looks so comfy.
Great Choice girly!!

April said...

Yes, Donna looks like she gets along with anyone and everyone. We all need a shoe like her.

Anonymous said...

Perfect! They're going to look beautiful.