Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cold as Ice

At work I am part of a volunteer group that is in charge of keeping up morale. We plan parties for babies and weddings and send flowers for deaths and Get Well Soon!!! We planned a huge event as our kick-off and that's when the bitching started. It's gone down hill since then. People will complain, no matter what you do for them it seems. They aren't honored enough, someone else got more than somebody else, people are excluded(they aren't), you're not doing ENOUGH, etc. Wthout us, there would be nothing. There are several things that would have been over looked if it weren't for us. We thought we were doing good. For everyone.
Currently we are in the process of planning one large event for multiple reasons for multiple people, and again, there is complaining. THE DAY BEFORE THE EVENT. The event that they've known about for 6 weeks. The entire Team is fed up with the constant complaining that comes in, and we are all stepping down. No one ever offers to help us, no one ever offer suggestions, even though there is a box specifically for suggestions. And the complaining is never done to us, it always comes in a roundabout way.
And more specifically, no one complains to me. My other team members believe that's because I'd tell them to take a flying leap off a short pier in the shallow end.
I might say it a bit nicer though.


each of the two said...

bitches be haten'

mom2lo said...

That is just whack (wack? whach?). People can totally suck sometimes. I can't stand it when people want everything for themselves but are never willing to lift a finger for anybody else.

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