Friday, June 06, 2008

Lucky Number 13

I’ve ordered so many shoes, and looked at so many websites that I forget what I’ve already looked at/ordered. I decided that one pair was THE PAIR and that maybe if I just order it another half size larger, shooting me up to a 10 instead of 9.5(which is too big too, I’m a 9) that I might get lucky. So I asked to please send me said shoes and they promised me next day delivery. When I got home I scanned the rooms, no box.
Didn’t I get a box?” I sheepishly asked F.
“HUH?” he grunted from the evil family room that refuses to be finished being remodeled.
“A box, I was expecting a box. Didn’t it come?” I asked hopefully.
“Nothing came.”
“Oh.” I mumbled dejected.
I went about puttering around the kitchen feeling sad that the cardboard container had not appeared on my step as promised.
Then I heard the rumble.
I looked up as the breaks screeched to a stop in front of our house.
Out the door window I could see the big brown panel trucked idling in front of the house.
UPS! Only glory be!
I started pacing back and forth in the kitchen, not wanting to seem too eager when the Man in Brown arrived at my door.
I was so excited I barely heard the door bell ring!
I raced to the door and threw it open, “Hello there!” The Man in Brown smiled at me, “This is for you.”
“OH! THANK YOU!” I exclaimed as I cradle the cardboard container to my chest. My eye caught sight of the other package tucked under his arm, AMAZON.COM winked at me.
Could it be? Was I getting 2 packages all at once? I’d ordered the workout suggested by Molly for brides to be from AMAZON.COM just a day or two before.
The Man in Brown glanced at the AMAZON.COM package, back at me, smiled and said, “Have a goodnight!”
“You too!” I said a bit sad that I was only getting one package instead of two.
I dug the scissors out of the junk draw and settled myself in amongst the other 4 cardboard containers that sat lined against the wall, waiting to be sent back to whence they came. Once again I set to removing all the ridiculous amounts of packaging from the shoes. I sighed as they emerged. Yes, these are THE ONES, I smiled to myself. I slipped them on and knew that with just a few break-in wearings we’d be in business.
“DH! I need your help.” came the call from the evil family room.
I clicked into the room and F turned to look. He raised an eyebrow ( I failed to mention that I’d changed into shorts and a sleeveless shirt in order to do work).
“They CAME!” I grinned as I pointed my foot out to show him.
“I see.” He grinned back at me.

There is one more pair that is still set to arrive, so I’ll wait to post which shoes I went with until after they’ve had their turn on the carpet runway in the living room.

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mom2lo said...

Yippee! I'm so glad you very well may have "The Ones" in your possession! Choosing my wedding shoes was easy--they had to be super-flat so I went with ballet flats. Quite boring, now that I think about it. But obviously I didn't care at the time--a whopping 2.5 years ago! Can't wait to see which ones you picked!