Monday, June 16, 2008

Still in Limbo.....Updated 1:22pm

I told you about Sailor Mouth and her money issues concerning the dress. I e-mailed her back, and didn't hear from her. I started to panic. She hates me, she thinks I fired her as MOH, she's spitting on my grave, etc. I had filled my mom in when I had a mini-breakdown (not the same as a mini-break for my Bridget Jones pals) about the wedding while at her house the other day, and she passed my stress issues along to Second-Eldest who called me to put me at ease. She told me to call Sailor Mouth and talk to her to re-affirm that she wasn't fired as MOH. Which I did. It went straight to voicemail. F was at his wits end because I was at my wits end all weekend waiting to hear back from Sailor Mouth. I e-mailed her Saturday night, or was it Friday night? I can't remember. Anyway, I asked her to please not hate me and to please not ignore me and several other things. She FINALLY called me back Sunday, late in the afternoon. And she sounded completely defeated. She has a ton of things going on in her life right now, none of which are happy things, and she just sounded so tired and in need of a break. I felt terrible about nagging about the dress. She said she didn't hate me, and she wasn't ignoring me and then she went on to tell me what was going on and I seriously just wanted to give her a pass on the whole dress issue. The low down of it all is that her husband is going to have to take on more stuff at work, resulting in O.T., to pay for the dress and trip out here. (trust me, I'm stabbing myself in the eye, I feel like crap.) And she will let me know, hopefully by today, whether or not she'll be in the wedding. I told her I was going to tell the dress shop to place the order on Wednesday, so I would need to know by then. So while things still aren't completely settled, I do at least still have her as a friend. PHEW

A positive note, the evil family room is DONE! Yes!!! furniture is all moved back in and everything! And F and I HATE how much room the couches take up, so now we are looking into getting chairs. God give me patience (as my mother would always say before she whacked us.)

And as of this morning, I am marrying Sir Paul McCartney and we will travel about the world visiting pubs and playing Clue with the other patrons in group tournaments, who will call me Lady McCartney. (it was MY dream and I liked it! thankyouverymuch.)

**Composer's update: Sailor Mouth is still in as MOH!! I'm taking her measurements myself to be delivered to the dress shop. They may have to leave as soon as the reception is over, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Thank You babyjesus.****

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mom2lo said...

I so totally feel for you. I couldn't imagine dealing with this situation with SM. I would feel like absolute crap that her husband is working OT to pay for her involvement in your wedding. Seriously, I think one of the top 2 responsibilities of a MOH is to NOT unload your crazy on the bride. If I were her, I would've made up my mind one way or the other about going, and told you yes or no. The details would be left out b/c you wouldn't need to deal with that extra drama!

Ugh. I'm so sorry!

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