Thursday, October 11, 2007

So Many Shoes, and Just One Wedding.

So you can thank Molly over at These Little Moments for the following post.

She posted about looking for her wedding shoes, and it inspired me. So Many Shoes, and Just One Wedding is the tag line at Bellissima Bridal Shoes. And boy, they aren't kidding! I fell in love with several, over a dozen. And I'm sure I'll add more as time goes on. Here's the thing though, I have Polish ankles, so they are not slim. I'm not saying I have cankles, because that's not the case, they're just not supper slim so the whole danity ankle strap just isn't gonna get it for me. I know a slide probably won't work because like I said before, I plan on being medicated. So I think my shoes should somehow be strapped to my feet. Also, I have issue with my baby toe being mashed between straps, so you'll notice there aren't any strappy sandals. Some of these just aren't fancy enough for me, but others are. Who know there'd be so many telling things about a person and her bridal shoes? I want fancy, but comfortable, I want sexy but wearable. So many factors to consider!

Granted the following examples of my obession aren't all properly in-line with a sling back with less than a 3 inch heel, but a girl can always dream, right?
Let me know what you think people!






no tofu said...

love, love, love #3! pretty, the heel doesn't look too high, and it straps right onto your ankle (I've always had the best luck with that kind). also 6, 10, and 15. If you can wear slingbacks those are really pretty too!

Clink said...

Ooooh I also LOVE #3. Also, #14.

Ahh, I can't WAIT to buy shoes for the wedding.

Anonymous said...

I love five! And three! And let's go shoe shopping!!!

DevilsHeaven said...

What is it about #3?
Thanks for the input ladies. :-)