Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where Are You Going With That?

On my way to work I was stopped at a light when a pick-up truck pulled up next to me. Something was flapping in breeze in the back of said truck that caught my eye. I looked over and saw that the ENTIRE truck bed was stacked high with burrito wraps. The driver turned the same way I did, and headed the same way I was headed. As I turned off the street into my work parking lot, he continued on. It gave me the giggles because I knew exactly where the guy was headed. Up the street from my office is a Mexican restaurant.
So much for them being freshly made daily. (not that they ever claimed that.)
And yes, all the wraps were still in the packaging.
So we can still eat there for lunch.
Phew. Because their Grande Steak Burrito is AMAZING.

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