Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Ice Cream FLavor Are You???

Scene: Inside large chain grocery store........

Me: "I want ice cream."
F: "Ok, you get that, I'll go get the lunch meat."
Me: "Ok."

Standing in front of the large assortment of frozen delights I find a flavor that I can't remember if it's really as good as it's ingredients sound or not (note to self:not) F approaches.....

Me: "Do you like black cherry?"

F makes 'ick' face.

Me: "These are on sale, but they don't have strawberry, and all you ever order is strawberry, so I really don't know what other flavors you like. I really have a very small pool of knowledge when it comes to your ice cream tastes."

F sticks his head into freezer and examines the choices....

F: "Ok, let's go." he says as he places his choice in the cart.

Me: "What did you get?????"

F flashes the carton at me.

Me: "BUTTER PECAN?!?!?!?!?!"

F nods.

Me: "I love you even more now."

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Poor Lucky Me said...

Butter Pecan is the universally loved flavor by intellectuals, artists, literary types and good looking people everywhere.