Friday, June 05, 2009

Really, That's Not Much Better

I shared with you, my digital friends, the nastiness that is the pop up ad on my MSN Hotmail account. I could take it no more when they took it a step further and made the person's flab "jiggle". It literally makes me gag. So I found their "Feedback" icon and told them to please remove the disgusting ads.
They listened. Sort of. Now I get to watch a "cartoon" person's fat jiggle.
Who thinks up this crap? I realize this is how they make their money, from pop up ads. But seriously, is there no screening process for this stuff? Does no one sit down with the finished ad and say, "HMMMM, now if I were checking my e-mail during my lunch, would I want to see the cottage cheese on some one's thighs jiggle as I chewed on my PB&J???"
The answer would be NO, in case you were wondering. No one wants to see someone else's fat jiggle. No one wants to see a horribly broken out face as they eat their pizza. Or some one's nasty yellow teeth as I drink my Coke. NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Don't people have to go to marketing school for this type of thing? Is the gross out factor really a selling point?? Is it???????????
Remove it ALL, PLEASE. Cartoon or real, I Don't Want to See It!!!!
We Clear?

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SassyTwoSocks said...

the answer: switch to gmail. it's way better anyway.