Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Not Ratatouille

So there is a little varmint problem on our street. That weekend when the sibs were over and we were all outside BBQing? Well, we happened to spy with our little eyes a RAT. A good sized RAT who made its way all over our neighbor's yard. It darted from the flowers to the veggies to the driveway to along side the garage and back again. By the end of the night we all had our chairs turned to face the neighbor's yard. The two little ones gripped the chain link fence with equal parts anticipation and fear.
RAT Watch 2009 was in full swing.
"All we need are our shotguns and some beer." I joked.
"I saw it during dinner." shuddered my SIL. "But I didn't want to say anything and upset everyone. It went under the neighbor's house."
We all nodded with understanding and disgust.
"There it is!!!!"
"SSSSShhhhh, you have to be quiet or you'll scare it away!"
"There it goes again!!!!!"
"OMG! there's TWO of them!!!"
"See one, count TEN." mused mom.
"It is not a rat." claimed both BILs.
"It IS a rat, trust me, THAT was a RAT." affirmed SIL. All of us women nodded in agreement.
Eventually it became too dark to see so we abandoned our outdoor chairs for indoor couches and forgot the rat until it was time to say goodnight.
"Turn the LIGHTS ON!!!" quivered SES. "I don't want that RAT getting me!!"
The older girls squealed as F made RAT noises as they passed him getting into their cars.
"Here it comes!!!" F called after them. "The RAT wants to come home with you!!!!!"

The next morning while still in our PJs we informed our neighbors.
F: "We saw a RAT in your yards last night."
Neighbor C: "SHIT!!!"
Neighbor M&M: "What? are you KIDDING?"
Me: "Nope, we sat here and watched it run all over your yards."
Neighbor C: "I wondered why the hell your chairs were all turned facing this way. Damn it!"
We spent the next 20 mins telling them the path the RAT took through their two yards. Neighbor C was really pissed off about the whole thing. "That pisses me off! I think it lives in your wood pile! while it eats my bird seed! SHIT!"

I have to say, I do feel like we are getting blamed for harbouring the enemy. However, even though we provide the shelter, Neighbor C is providing the sustenance.
F is all for cutting down all the plantings so it has "No where to hide." The damn thing didn't seemed concerned about hiding as it ran about the neighoring yards while 8 humans sat and watched.
Bold bastards they are.

RAT Watch 2009.....to be continued..............

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