Monday, June 15, 2009

The Check's in the MAIL!!!

You hear about it all the time now. Somehow a magic check appears in your mail for a fabulous amount. All you have to do is cash it, and send back a "fee". Or, you sell something, and you get a check for the item that is written for too much, and Would you Please send us the difference? Thank You so much!!
I never understand how people can think this makes sense. How anyone can think this is legit. Would you, as a normal thinking person trust some Joe blow to cash a check you send them and then send YOU back the difference?? I mean, seriously??? So if you yourself wouldn't do it, why would you assume someone else would?
So you can imagine the shock waves that are going through the office here since someone is using OUR company's name and sending out checks to people. I think within the last 3 days we've gotten 10+ calls. The checks have our company name, an old bank account we actually used at one point, and some even had our CFO's "signature" on them. So far, only two people were stupid enough to attempt to cash it. One actually cashed it, and called us once they realized it was fraud, and wanted us to pay them what they were out! The other person went to a check cashing place and the check place called us to see if it was legit. I just can't believe people are this clueless. This scam has been all over the news. Now I can understand if you are a person who's out for a free ride and are shady yourself that you would think you are screwing someone over, so I guess, you kinda deserve to get screwed yourself. But if you honestly think that some random business is going to send you a fat daddy check, you really need to get your head out of your ass and take a whiff of reality. Do you honestly think a BUSINESS trolls Craig's List(which is where all these people had stuff listed) for sale items? And do you REALLY think a BUSINESS would want to buy your couch? Or your kid's car???? Come on people!!!
I fear for humanity, I really do.

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