Monday, June 08, 2009

Poor Bastard

I was working on a list of names today. We have all nationalities that come through here, so it is not uncommon to run across a name where to us, the gender is indeterminable. Today however, I couldn't help but giggle, then feel sorry for the person whose parents named them: French Guy.
Lord help this person, especially if A) It is not a "guy" as in male and B) if they are not French, as in France.
I really do believe there should be name police out there. And I think Pilot Inspektor, Apple, Prince, Princess, Audio Science, Calico, Camera, Diezel and Denim(siblings), Fifi and Peaches and Pixie (all siblings), Moxi Crimefighter and Zolton (siblings) would agree with me.

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mom2lo said...

That's just insane! People just don't use their brains anymore. There's no reason to torture a child like that!