Wednesday, June 10, 2009

There's Been a WHACKING

Update on the RAT situation. After the Neighbor ladies places out massive amounts of RAT poison which required gloves for handling, we noticed that some of it was being eaten. Which, totally good thing. Then, one day after I got home from work, F tells me there was a incident.
The neighbor who lives behind us and Neighbor C, Neighbor P, had a RAT encounter. Actually, her Lawn Dude had the encounter.
Apparently, as the story goes, Lawn Dude was weed whacking the weeds along the shared fence. When he WHACKED a RAT. Apparently Lawn Dude lost his mind. He was very freaked about having WHACKED a RAT. Lawn Dude finished off Whacked RAT which was still alive but in what state is unclear, with a SHOVEL.
It is my belief that the RAT was HIGH on one or many of the various poisons and hence it didn't run when it heard the whirl of the weed whacker nor when it felt the breeze of the blades, and thus met it's end by a dirtied shovel.
One down.
Who knows how many left.

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