Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Please Ignore the Flashing Lights, They Mean Nothing, Really, Seriously

I'm minding my own business driving along when I see the lights flashing in my rear view mirror. Thank goodness they weren't coming for me, but they were going to some one's aid. Which hacks me off even more about what happened next.
The police car arrives at the intersection in the left turn lane. He pauses for a beat longer than normal and thank the gods he did because otherwise, someone would have had to come to his aid. Someone in on coming traffic was making a right turn and decided they didn't need to wait for the cop, so they make their turn. I'd barely finished cursing them out when some flipping jackass idiot comes flying through the intersection. Now traffic is stopped in all four directions, wouldn't that give you pause as you approach said intersection? Instead, why not gun it? It's your lucky day! Traffic at a stand still!! Who could ask for more???? I would love to know what that person thought as it dawned on them that they'd just speed through an emergency vehicle related stop. Delaying someone out there, help.
Of course, people like this rarely, if ever have things dawn on them.
So to you two who are blind to the flashing lights in my community, who think you are above pulling over, stopping, slowing down, or getting out of the way, God help you in your time of need, because most assuredly one of your inbred brethren will delay the help of the mere humans.
I'm finding it hard to control myself in saying, You deserve it. The longer the delay, the better.

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