Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Can't Hear the Voices in my Head

Before the advent of streaming radio on line, I was dearly attached to the static ridden radio we had in the office. After my favorite station announced they were going all high tech streaming, I nervously waited to see if there would be a ban on it at work. But there was not! Many people were doing it! Since I opened that streaming radio, the work day has never been the same!!! I must listen to music at work. I can't think straight without it. I start talking to myself within 20mins without it. I hate when the stream gets all FUBARed and goes silent. Having music all day is worth the stupid streaming commercials they play.
But there are times when I can take the constant hum no more and must shut the radio down. Then I notice that I have co-workers again. And they are loud. And they think they are the only ones in the office. They have conversations I don't want to hear. So in order to keep me from yelling, "SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY!!!", I find myself at the alter of the streaming radio clicking it back into being.
Bless you streaming radio. Bless ye gods that are behind the brain child that is Pandora Radio.
Bless you, and your sanity maintaining stream of good sounds.
And Bless you Dell keyboard, with your design that makes muting the Cialis commercials a simple touch and the drowning out of annoying co-workers a simple flick of my fingers.
Bless you all, and may you live long and prosper!!!!

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