Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Sand has been Spiked

The Sandman has been giving me some seriously spiked/expired sand lately. The night before last I dreamed I was being chased by a serial killer. Last night I dreamed my husband (not F btw) and I lived in a sprawling McManison in a new development called Cremated Acres (it sounded happy and warm in my dream), where our home was haunted as was the entire neighborhood, al la Poltergeist. All the neighbors went nuts and started killing each other and only I and the demon possessed neighborhood children survived. My son (why do i keep dreaming that when I do have a child it's going to be a boy??) was the demon's chosen one. My solution to this little honor was to have to boy baptized, again. At which the demon laughed manically and I woke up.
I told F it would probably make for a really great horror movie. So if I see this come out in the next year or so, I'm suing for creative rights!!! Just lettin ya know.

this lovely dream happened AFTER I woke up screaming because there was a man, whom I dreamed about some 15+ years ago, standing over the bed ready to attack me. Apparently I scared the beegeezus out of F who then couldn't fall back to sleep.
What is going on? Sandman! check the expiration date on your sleepy time sand bags, will ya? I'd like to get a non-Steven King kind of dream land, emkay???

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marathoner81 said...

Wow - that's pretty crazy...I got through phases where I have normal dreams and then I go for weeks at a time with really freaky dreams.