Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Facebook Say's I'm Part of the First Family

"DH: Barack Obama confirmed you as a cousin on We're Related!"

Really? How cool! Except, um, we're NOT. Is Facebook running a scam? The "Family Tree" they are showing where we are linked, contains no relatives that I've ever heard of. And I kinda know, because I did my family tree for a class in college. When I tried to get in to the application I got an error saying they were experiencing some tech issues. OH, I BET you are! I bet the Big B's people reached through the web and grabbed Facebook by the family jewels and told them to take that shit down. ASAP.
Like anyone would truly believe B is spending time huntin up relatives on FB. COME ON.

Shame Facebook, SHAME!!!!!


O.G. said...

everybody is connected if you take it back far enough.

golublog said...

Apparently hes related to dick cheney somehow too. So you never know.