Thursday, April 30, 2009


As I told you before, I'm recently married, and in due course, changed my name. The very last place I changed my name was on my Passport. I was holding off because all the other paperwork needed to be done and I knew it wouldn't be done before we had to book our tickets for the Honeymoon. So the last official piece of paperwork has been handed in. Signed off on. I sent in my old passport and the marriage license along with all the paperwork. (little tip concerning the passport paperwork? FILL IT OUT ONLINE then print it, mucho easy-o) and completely forgot about it. The other day F calls me, " Hey, did you get that package that was there for you?"
Me: "Huh? What package? I only grabbed the Aerosoles catalog I got."
F: "Oh, the real important stuff I see. No, there was a package for you, said it was from the Gov't. I think it is your passport."
Me: "Really? I didn't even see it. Guess I'll open it tonight when I get home."

So I got home, and F, getter of the mail, digs out this "package" from under a stack of mail. It was a 4X6 Priority Mail envelope. I never would have seen it unless I'd been looking for it. I ripped it open and out slide my NEW passport(which is all kinds of fancy now, each page has a scene from somewhere in the US). JUST my new passport. No old passport, no marriage license. The marriage license is no big deal, we can get more for a fee. It is the OLD passport that I'm upset about. The OLD passport that had the VISA for entry into the Homeland. The OLD passport that had all the stamps for when we actually entered the Homeland. I wanted to keep those pages to show to our kids! Yes we have pictures, a million pictures of us there. But there is just something more adventurous and romantic about seeing the stamps from all the places you've been. And I really wanted that little treasure.

F: "I TOLD you not to send it in."
Me: "But! But I thought I'd get it BACK........."
F: "I TOLD YOU. Don't send it in. Now you don't have the Homeland stuff, do you?!?!"
Me: "*sad sigh* No. No I don't."

Oh Gov't Bigwigs, please, pretty, pretty please, Send me back my old passport??? With sugar on top? And sprinkles?

****Composer's note****
My pleas were heard. Another envelope arrived with said old passport and marriage license!!! YAY!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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