Friday, May 01, 2009


I'd like to say HI!!!!! to two people who were on the road last night with me. You know who you are. We all were heading Eastbound on a major roadway during rush hour. Remember? It was after a long day. I had attended a funeral for a co-worker's parent, had a heart attack because my Boss called me into her office and after a very long pause of staring down at her desk said, "I just don't want to have this conversation." Luckily it was about a mistake that wasn't really a mistake.
Surely you remember. You were both doing 10 miles BELOW the speed limit. Each in your own lane, one a little ahead of the other, effectively blocking me and tens of others in. 'Member? You drove this way for a good 15 miles.
Yes, 10 miles below the speed limit.
During Rush Hour.

I'd like to say HI!!!! and to Thank You for making a vein burst in my head from the frustration of it all.
If we meet again tonight, I'll be honking and waving, just to say HI!!! Don't mind the fact that out of my five fingers on my waving hand, you'll only see one.
It'll just be cause I'm waving so fast!!!


mom2lo said...

You poor, poor thing! It's funny because I was just behind those two yahoos yesterday! Seriously, people. Slower Traffic Keep Right. It's, like, the law!

Okay, on a totally selfish note, mom2lo is soon to be mom2lo+1! We're due in November! (Aren't I totally lame to post this announcement in YOUR blog's comments section?).

April said...

Girl, you KILL me!! That was so funny!! And I totally think I know those people. I think they were in front of me two days ago. Bastards.

DevilsHeaven said...

Congrats Mom2lo+1!!!!!!
Lame, maybe ;-) But glad you shared!!!