Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's more than a hot flash.... **UPDATE****

Key word there "FLASH".  Meaning it happens quick and doesn't last long.  Yesterday it was SIXTEEN degrees, she wore a t-shirt, jeans and crocs (same lady)and the fan was on for HOURS.
Today it is 13, THIRTEEN!!!!! Wind chill is like 8 degrees.
The fan is on, has been on for 30mins now.
She is wearing a sweater. **AND A SCARF

 Then she complained that it was

cold outside.**
I am wearing a sweater.
I am cold.
I would like a hotflash, just to warm up a bit.


Hoot said...

If she is wearing a sweater while using the fan you should bring in a space heater to prove a point. Is there anyone else there to help out or is it just you and her in the office?

Tracy said...

Turn it off when she leaves her desk to go to the loo.