Saturday, January 09, 2010


We've been back here in the Mid-West since 12/30/2009. I haven't written because: A) I've been busy with work, and B) I really have nothing to tell.

As per usual, I came back sick. Am still sick in fact, and so is F. I got sick 2 days before we left; he got sick the morning we left.
Upon my arrival back in the office I heard this statement the most: "SO! You survived!!!" I think maybe I need to stop talking about the Out-Laws at the office.

FIL's most outstanding comment this trip: "You've made it very clear you don't want me eating with you." He yelled this from the other room while MIL, F, and I were in the kitchen chatting after dinner. The entire event went something like this: On my way into the kitchen for dinner I told FIL dinner was ready, he made no sound or movement to let me know he heard me, normal, F does it to me all the time (maybe he didn't hear me, who knows.).
MIL, F and I have a great meal and no one mentions the empty place setting. About 20mins after we finished FIL yells from the other room: "Do you think you could finish so the rest of us can eat????!!!" Mind you, it was only the four of us in the house. The 3 of us look at each other stunned and I yell back, "There's a place here at the table waiting for you."
And that's when he said, "You've made it very clear you don't want me eating with you."
Um, ok. Whatever. I could say the same thing to you.

Other than that, the trip, once again, CALM. No yelling. No fighting. It is the opinion of my friends and co-workers that now that we are married they've come to accept it, and have stopped trying to fight it, or stop it or whatever. I'm still leery. I can't help it. Once bitten, twice shy.

I went shopping with MIL, and I almost had to kill her. See, one of the cousins back in The Homeland is getting married, and since its MIL side of the family, after 20+ yrs, she is going back for a visit and is completely freaked out about it. She is going without FIL. So the traveling, understandably, has her nervous. It is because I understand the situation that I did not in fact do away with her. F went to spend time with M while this shopping trip occurred. MIL feels she needs to buy a gift for all the women folk back in The Homeland. For whatever reason, she assumed, or thought, or hoped, that I, after a year, would remember AND KNOW what sizes all these women wear. Now. Think about that. I spent time with these women, yes. But never was I sizing them up! Taking measurements! And it has been a FULL YEAR since we've been there. Most women will tell you that their weight changes throughout the year. How can I even? I mean. COME ON!!!! For several hours MIL would hold up a shirt or a blouse and ask me if I thought so-and-so would wear this? Did I think this was so-and-so's style? What did they wear when I was with them? (skirts and sweaters, fyi) Over and over and over again we would have this conversation.

My answers: "I guess."

"I don't know."


"Honestly, I REALLY DO. NOT. KNOW."

When I'd finally had it, I hide out in the dressing room at Dress Barn and texted F: "OMG.I do not know what flipping size anyone wears! That is all."

F: "Are you ok?"

Me: "Yes."

F: "Is she driving you crazy?"

Me: "Yes."

F: "Are you almost done?"

Me: "I think so."

As this is going on I hear MIL; "DH? DH? Where are you????"

Me: "I'm in the dressing room."

MIL: "OH. I thought you ran away."

OMG. I felt like a jerk. Clearly my poker face was not holding up. In my defense, I hadn't eaten all day and had a raging sinus headache that preceded the cold I cannot seem to get rid of. Still. I know. Bad DIL.

Dress Barn completed we headed home for dinner. I have a feeling she will end up returning many of the items she bought. F was very happy that I went shopping with her, "She's always wanted a daughter to go shopping with.” Apparently SIL just doesn't cut it.

And so ends the trip back East.

I leave you with this:

                                              What MIL orginally got me for Christmas.

                                                         That's right FLOWERS. I'm 35.
(You can pick this kicky little number up at Old Navy in case  you were wondering. As Sailor Mouth said when I sent her the pic:"No wonder they are downsizing.")

                                       What we exchanged it for, my choice, from Macy's:

                                             I got SEVERAL compliments on this when I wore it to work.

F got me a digital camera for Christmas, so hopefully my pictures will take a much improved up swing once I start using it.

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lo said...

Dear DH: Forst, let me say I am loving your blog......just foound you and have only read a handful of entries, but you are my kind of blogger and I will follow you anywhere.
I also understand perfectly your complaint about craving some comments.....I also write a blog and sometimes feel that I would sell my soul for a bit of dialogue once in a while. It gets lonely shouting into space from the mountaintop. Fear not, you are not alone. And, please, my dear, keep blogging !!
Love, Lo