Monday, February 01, 2010

Where has all the Hair gone?

I am back to hating my hair. I know, I am such a waffle about my hair. We truly have a love-hate relationship.

In the first days after having it done, I love it. It styles well, the color is awesome, but then, THEN the style is flat and looks nothing like it did a few days before. The color starts to fade and I notice how much brass is showing again against my dark roots.

I am frustrated.

Is it me?

Is it the "new" stylist?

Is it a combo?

There were YEARS there where I LOVED my hair. And I am beginning to think that is purely due to the woman who used to do it. I got her completely by chance, and I kept her. FOR FIVE YEARS. At one point I told her she was the longest relationship I'd ever had. I even moved salons with her once.

But then she disappeared.

So I was on the hunt for someone new. I made the mistake of going to a few of those chain places, GOOD LORD, HACK CITY.

Then I found a guy. And I had fabulous hair once again. But he moved salons, A LOT. Once he even left the state because he had found TRUE LOVE. Then he came back.

I followed him 4 times before I finally called it quits after I had to give him a ride home. Our relationship was becoming too "involved" with one another.

I even rediscovered the woman from above. She'd opened her own place, but it was so expensive I only went there once because I had a coupon.

Then I went to F's gal. This relationship was never very harmonious. Whenever she did my color she was constantly asking the stylist next to her how she should mix the color, what number and level she should use, and on and on and on. It always bothered me. But I stayed because the price was right. And after the wedding (my bride hair was AMAZING) I never went back. F even quit going because HIS hair, what little there is left of it, was getting screwed up.

I asked around at work, and found my current stylist. But I've never been COMPLETELY happy with what she does. The color is usually good, even if I have to tell her we need to do all over color because my roots are just too massive, and like I said, the style is usually good, at the start. But then it just all falls apart. I don't ever remember this being an issue before.

I DREAD finding a new stylist. DREAD it. It is never easy. But I can't keep being frustrated by my hair. There are so many other things I can waste time fretting over. My hair should not be one of them.

So I think, I think I will try and find someone new.

Join me on this journey, won't you?

Wish me luck.


Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Oh, my goodness, do I feel your pain!! I have been trying to find a stylist for YEARS! I finally got a great one, but recently moved, so I had to start all over again.

I called the girl I initially found "Jerry Lewis," because she was the clumsiest person I've ever known! I'd leave with color splashed all over my shirt, pants, and neck! When she washed my hair, I always ended up soaking wet! Yikes!

I somewhat happy with my current girl, but I must say, I'm still not 100%. Good luck to you and your quest!!

I'm new to the blogosphere, so glad I found you! Great blog!

Becky said...

Ugh. I hate finding new stylists too, and I don't do anything but get my hair trimmed (although every time I tell them I'm open to ideas). I was going to one lady just because I didn't hate my hair afterward, but then she left that salon and I had to find a new person. Now I'm going to a friend's stylist lady, and I didn't really like the first haircut she gave me, although I'll probably give her another chance because I'm that lazy.
If you figure out a good way to find someone relatively cheap and good let us in on the secret, please!

Tracy said...

Keep changing stylists until you find one you like - life is too short to be pissed off with your hair too often.

lifeofadoctorswife said...

Finding a good stylist is SO HARD. I found one I ADORED in the last city I lived. He was amazing. He made my hair look amazing. He was fun to talk to. And I miss him.

Blech. But I think it is totally worth it to keep looking until you find a good match. No reason to pay so much money if you don't love your hair!

Good luck!