Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pardon me while I whine.

I have FIVE posts in the DRAFT stage.  Some are half written. Some are just a sentence, or a word to trigger the memory of what I wanted to write about. For some reason, I just can't seem to make myself sit down and finish writing them. I spend tons of time reading other people's blogs, but can't seem to tap back into the juice to write my own. I thought that getting a digital camera would help in the blogging process, but I can't seem to pry it out of my hubby's hands. Seems he's broken the ADULT digital camera, again. And instead of fixing it, just uses mine, a point and shoot. Which kind of explains why I got a camera I just mentioned wanting in passing, instead of the PW Cookbook I actually ASKED for.
Also, I think part of it is there are things going on at home that are weighing on my mind right now. F and I are fine. Just other stuff that I want to share, but don't know if I should and I'm just kind of in a weird place right now. There are days when I wonder why I even bother. I know a lot of bloggers go through it. I know people read "me", but, oh god, this going to sound whiny, but so few comment. And sometimes, that just really gets to me. It shouldn't. I know I've said before I don't write for anyone but me. (half truth)  Then I see how many comments others get and I'll be honest, it's a blow to the ego. So, that is why there are 5 unfinished posts in the draft folder. I realize instead of writing this, I could just be working on one of those. But I just don't have that creative juice right now to try and pick up where I left off on something 2 months ago. No matter how funny it was at the time. To me at least.
Anyway, that's where things are right now.
Sorry this post is such a Debbie Downer.


Tracy said...

If y ou write the posts I promise I will comment on all of them :-)

DevilsHeaven said...

LOL. Thanks. :-)

Sonia Sunny Thomas said...

I guess every blogger goes through the phase of being bummed out..

Like Tracy said if you write the poste i'll definitely comment..

I hope your crappy mood goes away..

Hoot aka Jessy said...

I am one of the non commentors. I read out of fun or boredom (sorry about that work is really slow). Don't push yourself to finish writing them but if you do I will comment from now on... :-)