Thursday, May 03, 2007

Croc Crock

The new trend in shoes are those Crocs. They are suppose to be very comfy and have been made popular by doctors and nurses everywhere, and are wore by all ages. I have no problem with people who wear them, I've eyed them myself as a choice. Although I heard about a hospital that has banned them because they are plastic and build up a huge static charge causing some equipment to short out. That is neither here nor there. What I DO have a problem with is one of my co-workers who wears them, and now has added the little Croc accessories, called Jibbitz to fancy up your plastic next-gen jellie shoes. She's SIXTY, and is wearing little plastic snap in flowers and ladybugs on her plastic next-gen jellie shoes. SIXTY people, 6-0. And she's wearing this to work, and it's not even Casual Friday.

I mean seriously, need I say more?

Ok, I'll give you the Awareness Ribbons, but still, SIXTY YEARS OLD, to work, in an OFFICE.

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