Tuesday, January 19, 2010

But, YOU asked ME

Face book and I have an on again, off again relationship. I do not spend much time on there. I've taken maybe 5 of the quizzes, out of like a MILLION that they have. I rarely update my status, and only occasionally post on other people's wall. I'm pretty sure most of the people I'm "friends" friend requested me, I did not friend request them. Point in fact, this guy I've known since 1st grade, whom I never really cared for, was one of the FIRST people outside of family who friend requested me. Trying to be the bigger person, I accepted. While scrolling through people's updates, I came across a rather rude, or jerky, wall posting by said guy. I don't remember the exact wording but it went something like this, "REPLY TO THIS WALL POSTING TO REMAIN A "FRIEND" OTHERWISE, YOU ARE A "FRIEND" NO LONGER. SO LONG FACEBOOK 'FRIENDS'. "

What the? "So long"? Why not just add the SUCKERS! because he certainly inferred it. It didn't look like many people had replied. I really had to refrain from posting: "You requested me to be your FB FRIEND. I found this completely amazing considering we were never REAL Friends in R.L. anyway. But I thought maybe time had changed you, but alas, I can see it has not. You are still the same attention seeking jerk face you always were. Please do not misunderstand this "reply", I am not seeking acceptance as your friend. I didn't before and I sure as hell am not going to start now. Gladly remove me as a FB 'Friend'."

How can you ax people YOU friend requested? Seriously? That is just way rude. I did not post my reply to his demands.

I feel victorious for not raising to bait.

Jerk face.

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