Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shoulders Back, Chest Out

I was talking to my mother the other night on the phone. She likes to update me on all things that go on in her little snowbird community. I was listening half heartedly when she started ranting about t-shirts. She and her "Gentleman friend" (because "DH, he's NOT a BOY!!"), were at some function where they were selling t-shirts. I'd say it's safe to assume the event t-shirts, like many event t-shirt, were unisex. This in no way was acceptable to my almost 70 yr old mother. She apparently expressed her displeasure to the poor woman volunteer who was manning the shirt sales.

My Mom: "Why don't you sell V-neck shirts for the women?"

Woman Volunteer: "I don't know."

My Mom: "Well you should! Most women (she means her age) don’t like things up around their necks."

Woman Volunteer: "Oh? Is that so?"

My Mom: "YES! Plus women look better in V-necks! It shows off your chest better. I bet you'd sell more if they were V-necks."

Woman Volunteer: "That could be."

Not at all satisfied that she'd convinced the woman, my mom left. She went on to tell me that it was the stupid men who probably ordered the shirts in the first place and hence the total lack of a V-neck choice.

She also told me she'd be shopping for a V-neck sweater/sweatshirt while home. (she came home for the holidays.) Because "Your chest just LOOKS better in a V-neck DH, you know this."

Yes mom, yes I do.

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