Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When the Truth REALLY Hurts

CBF and I got together awhile ago in Las Vegas for a girls' weekend.  I collect shot glasses and wanted one from Hard Rock Cafe.  CBF and I ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel and Casino, which is at a completely different end of the strip than just the plain old Hard Rock Cafe.  The Hotel and Casino is like walking through the ultimate FRAT house. One of the pools, Rehab, even has it's OWN show on TruTV. Yes, a show about all the nakedness and shenanigans that go on AT A POOL.  As we walked through the halls all we saw were 20something males in their cargo shorts and polo shirts, adult beverage in hand, talking excitedly about some HOTT waitress who just hit on their buddy!!! They were followed by, well, HOTT waitresses. But the men way out numbered the "ladies" who were in their short shorts, or micro minis, and tissue thin tank tops with fake bake tans tittering on amazingly high heeled sandals.  I, in my crop pants, bike shoes (mine have pink in them) and T-Shirt felt old and frumpy. Feeling like a moment of camaraderie was upon us, I whispered to CBF, "GAWD, I feel like a suburban housewife!!!"
She gave me a withering look and replied, "That's because you ARE a suburban housewife."

And that my digital friends, is when I finally felt the true weight of my 35 yrs and sensible (WAY CUTE!) shoes(which had given me blisters. the strip is no where to break in new shoes). That is also when I was DONE with Vegas. That realization killed all the hype of "What Happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas" because I knew at that moment, NOTHING was going to be happening in Vegas for me.

And no, I wasn't looking for a "hook-up". I am, after all, A WIFE, house or no. I just wanted some of the HYPE and SENSATIONALISM of VEGAS BABY!!!

*la sigh*

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